Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

"He who shall not be named" suggested that I not eat my Girl Scout Cookies last night. Even though I still had 5 points left to eat (which if anyone is curious equals two Samoas and a Thin Mint). I suggest he not turn up at a meeting and spout off those sorts of things. He might be shunned from the community. Or eaten. 
True- I might lose weight faster if I eat less than my allotted points. BUT the point of this exercise is to make a lifestyle change. The daily points don't carry over day to day and I don't want to fall into the trap of hoarding points. How long can one really persist on a 10 point a day diet before they go crazy and eat 8 burritos? Perhaps a new reality show- "WW Point Hoarders"?"
I lost 1.2lb this week. My current weight is 178.8. That's down 6lb in three weeks!