Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

I don't think Weight Watchers should be considered a diet. I would call it more of a "food management plan." And I love it. Because really- it's not about eating or not eating certain foods- but choices. I made some not great choices this week that I was certain would result in either staying the same or gaining a touch. Dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse, Movie Popcorn (large but no steps), assorted beers and wines (lots)....
BUT I also made positive choices. Playing tennis with Paul and getting some great climbs in. Making stirfry instead of carryout Pho (yum). Turkey sammies for lunch. 
I just took stock of the fridge and realized that I may have been overzealous this past TJ trip. I've been trying to make sure we always have fresh produce (celery, bell peppers, salad) but then I feel guilty if it goes bad before I eat it all. C'est la vie I suppose. No reason to stuff myself on radishes if I'm not hungry.
Behold- down 3.2lb this week. That makes 9.2lb in 4 weeks, 5% of my body weight, and my current weight is now 175.6lb. Jump around with excitement for a few moments!