Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

As I sit here and frantically stuff TJ's BBQ Popped Chips (20 chips for 3 points) into my mouth as if my life depends on it......
I'm pleased to report that I lost 2.8lb this week. Whoa nelly. 
My plan was to reduce my drinking during weekdays. Of course the very evening I made that resolution Paul suggested forced me to go to Barclay's, watch basketball, and of course have a beer. But since then I've been on the wagon. 
Ummmm. Except for that bottle of wine on Saturday. Which I drank. By myself. 
In looking back at the tracker over the past week- I was very careful to eat my daily allotted points and have one or two days of splurge using some of my extra 49 points.  The week before when I had a slower weight loss- I was eating slightly over my daily points and splurged 3 times. Go figure. But hey- I still lost. 

I'm hoping to hit my 10% target of 166.8 in the next two weeks. My current weight is 170 EVEN!