Monday, May 28, 2012

3 Times A Lady

Things happen in threes and I certainly can't guarantee that when the third time comes around I'm going to look anything like a lady. More like a ninja. 

A ninja who is going to chop someones head off. 

Of course what really is there left to steal? Phone, sunglasses, journal, tennis ball. Check. Now the wallet. Check. 

Yes really. Right out of my purse that was SITTING ON THE SEAT NEXT TO ME AT BARCLAYS. Our favorite Friday night, neighborhood restaurant/bar full of a crowd of who we thought were regulars. 
There was one fing asshole hooligan in the crowd that felt like filling up their gas tank with ALL THREE OF MY CARDS. Of course that was refunded by the bank and I didn't really like my drivers license photo very much but I will say one thing. I loved that wallet. 

I carried a Coach wallet purchased secondhand all through college, all through Arizona, AND all through Indiana. Finally after a torn lining in the change compartment (pennies like bread crumbs- how have I never been robbed?) I treated myself to a fancy pink wallet from Coach. After all- I had carried my old one for six years. And I loved it. Shiny, heavy (with pennies). It was my favorite thing in my purse. 

Paul was very generous (i.e. knew I was about to go off the deep end) and treated me to a new wallet (paling slightly when handed the receipt). So I got a fancy newer blue Coach wallet. And I love it too. But that doesn't stop me from strapping on my samurai sword and checking the local Craigslist. 
New Wallet!