Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Ok. So I've either been saving up all of the fats or the stresslies of the past week have caused a 4.2lb weight loss. I don't even care. I'll take it! Been on the Weight Watcher program now for 16 weeks. Does it feel like forever? I was clapped for today, got 4 stickers to put on my chart, AND a new charm for my keychain. Pretty much cleaned up the WW meeting. And well deserving I think. That'll be 22.2lb lost since starting the program. It's an average of 1.4lb per week. If I keep up at this rate I'll be 117 pounds in 32 weeks. Hello Mary-Kate Olsen. 
But my goal is 135 and I'm a mere 27.6 pounds away. 
Whoa. Lots of number in this post. 
My current weight is 162.6lb.