Monday, June 25, 2012

Rhinestone Cowgirl or Mountaineer?

It dawned on me just this morning that on Thursday we'll be on our way to Montana! Whoa! Our flight leaves at 6am so we'll be up and at 'em by around 3:30. We'll arrive in Spokane at around noon and the van will be ready and waiting at Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. 

And that's where I paused. We're not heading for luxury accommodations, oh no. We're picking up groceries and heading into the wilderness. No king sized pillow tops for us. 

What do I do in the face of any formidable challenge? I go shopping. So off to REI I went- with only one goal- to be the most fashionable hiker there ever was a functional, albeit boring, hiker. 

Paul is the seasoned hiker out of the two of us so I'll be providing a fashion show later and likely having to defend my choice of gear. 

My "overcoming objections" practice round.....

- Gray hiking pants- two pair. One converts to shorts and the other converts to capris. Fours pairs for the price of two!

- Camelbak. We can fill it with beer!

- Hiking boots. Please. So when there's an avalanche I can use my heavy duty traction shoes to pull us both out while you show off your ice skating skillz in sneakers.  

- Merino/Silk hiking socks- two pair. I need a little bit of luxury and if it's in the socks so be it. 

- North Face tee shirts- two pair. If we are supposed to wear the same clothes over and over and over and over then I think I'd like something that won't be damp the next day. You can bring the febreze.  

Apex Bionic North Face Jacket. You can call me the Bionic Woman. It provides protection from the Grizzlies.