Monday, June 11, 2012

Stuffed Animals = Impartial Juror?

My jury has come back with their verdict. Slightly nuts. I think my pool was a bit biased- just Nicole and Paul. Unfortunately my real life juror situation is continuing to drag on which has been the result of copious amounts of alcohol and sleepless nights. 
So I bought a stuffed animal today- a donkey. Weird, weird, so weird. But I guess for the moment I feel a bit trapped. As an alternate juror I'm not participating in the deliberation process. I can't discuss the case with an outside party. And I've found this whole situation very draining both mentally and emotionally. It was so hot last night that I slept above the covers and was awoken to bleeding claw marks across my foot. I obviously can't confide in the cat. So I'm finding a bit of solace in carrying around a stuffed donkey. Perhaps if I bring it with me to court tomorrow I might get excused due to instability. Duel purpose donkey!