Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thursday: The Belton Chalet

On Thursday we drove around the park back to West Glacier where we had a room at the Belton Chalet
We stopped for PB & Huck on the Lewis and Clark side at the Roosevelt monument. After lunch we decided to wander up a trail marking the Continental Divide. 

OMG. Still fresh moose tracks!
The trail steepened and I encourage Paul to go ahead and see if he could find a more level trail in front of us. His report included lots and lots of bear scratching trees. We stood for a moment contemplating whether to continue on and then I glanced down at the trail......It was covered in.......BEAR HAIR. Nope. We turned around. 
We stopped by Goat Lick to see the Mountain Goats and got up close and personal with a few.....

Finally to the Chalet for showers, cherry margaritas, bacon wrapped steaks, shuffleboard, ping pong, and chocolate mousse.