Monday, August 6, 2012

Paul Turned 35 on July 22

Naturally I forgot his birthday and made other plans. Seriously. I actually committed to a work event on that Sunday. What? 

But I did manage to pick up Paul's Birthday cake- the Bunny Love carrot cake from our Wedding Bakery- Love at First Bite.

Something that's really fun about Paul (but also annoying) is that he insists upon having all the candles on the cake. This year I had to buy TWO packets of candles!
Since there were just two of us and I didn't need to be eating cake for days- I got the six inch round. It was really cute for a minute. 
Then it looked like this.....
I'm learning this year. I've tried lighting a candle- then using that to light the others. I've tried a basic lighter. Every year half the candles melt to stubs before I can get 'em all. 35 is a lot. This year I pulled out the long-stemmed lighter we use for the grill. Perfecto and no burnt fingers!

And Paul doesn't just smile and blow his candles out. No. He huffs and puffs for a few minutes just to insure optimum air=lung=projection=output (it's a very complicated math equation).
I managed to catch him mid huff.....
My Birthday is September 2nd and I would like a horse. And a crown.