Sunday, August 19, 2012

USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals

I had really hoped to make the random trip to Kentucky to see Erin compete in the USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals. All of the horses competed in a Classic on Friday. The top 30ish continued on to the Handy round on Saturday night. Of the 88 horses that did not make the Handy Round, 31 were invited back to a 15K Consolation round that ran just before the Handy. 
After the Classic Erin was placed 3rd for the Consolation round. I was able to watch streaming on Saturday afternoon and saw what the commentators called a "soft and lovely ride" which put Erin into 6th. 
Awesome for her first year doing derbies and first time at the Intl. Finals. It's a big deal kinda spotlight. So proud!
Of course I took photos of the screen from my iphone. I know someone who has been on TV!!!!