Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

My slogan of the week:
It's my Birthday and I'll track if I want to (track if I want to, track if I want to). 
In all seriousness I have been tracking this week. I just don't feel like tracking the oysters and wine Paul and I are going to enjoy tonight. 
I have gotten a bit tired of my daily lunch time turkey sandwiches. As an alternative I've been making sandwiches with hummus, cucumber, and micro greens. 
Paul made Paella on Monday. He even came home from work early to get started on it! Brown rice, chicken kielbasa, clams, and shrimpies!
I don't have a weight in to report today. A dentist appointment allowed me to sleep in a bit- however it was not quite as sweet as it has been in the past. My emails start to ping in at about 5am- normal work time for our East Coast reps. By 8am I have a long list of projects for the day. The dentist ran late (not because of cavities mind you) and I dashed into the office for a meeting without having even the chance to drop my bags. No time for a weigh in. 
Hey. I'll trade a few pounds for the awesomeness of my job now. Yes it's messy, stressful and I ask a lot of questions and need a lot of help. But I see a light at the end of the tunnel that will take me places career-wise that never would have been possible at the other companies I've worked for. 
While lately it's difficult to sit down every Wednesday night and reflect upon my weight loss (and very apparent lack thereof) the great thing about WW is that it's always there. Highlighted on my bookmarks bar, in family, friends, and strangers. 
The program makes it possible to allow for real life and also to get back on track relatively easily. 
And now a photo of our Rickshaw laptop bags which came today!