Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

I lost weight this week and I can hardly believe it! It's a vacation week when Paul's out of town which basically means that I alternate between burritos and Pho for dinner. Not to mention the horse show weekend = burritos for lunch. 

And I didn't track this week because once I blow through my 26 daily points and 49 extra points I generally give up. 
I think that one of the most frustrating issues is that I'm above the lowest weight I've been while on the program. It feels like I'm fighting to drop pounds that I've already lost which is making motivation tough. 

However I did get this week off to a great start. New job is making climbing at Ironworks in the evenings difficult. My lovely Wednesday partner offered to meet in the mornings and today was our trial run. We  met at 6am and got some good climbs under our belts before starting the day. 
I packed my lunch which included: Turkey Sandwich, Mini Babybel Light, Carrots/Mushrooms, Blueberries, pre-baggied Trader Joe BBQ Pop Chips, Vitamin Water Zero.  

Paul and I are hiking up the Claremont Trail this evening. He needs to get some hiking in before his backpacking trip and I'm going because he offered to carry wine to the top in his pack. Win win!
My current weight: 167.2lb