Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Daily Method

I took a Dailey Method class today. Actually I signed up for a month of unlimited classes. What is The Daily Method? I'm still trying to figure it out exactly. My coworker turned me on to it and there's a location in Piedmont and Berkeley so it's nice and close. Let me be honest. I love climbing but I'm a touch burnt. It's been tough to work my tail off all day and spend an additional 2 hours at the gym end of day. Like all of my sports, rock climbing isn't something that can be accomplished in an hour. And frankly I don't believe in cardio. Cardio is boring and you really aren't burning that many calories. 
So I've been looking forward to my first Dailey Method class all week long. But also feeling very nervous. What if I couldn't do the ballerina moves? 
So I showed up to the studio today a little early to fill out my paperwork. The staff was super friendly and gave me a tour of the Berkeley location. I met Liz, the instructor, and she made a point throughout class to work with me on my position and give positive encouragement. After class she said that I had excellent Mind/Body awareness. Obviously. I'm interested to see how often I go and how the rest of the month progresses. I love it because it encompasses everything I hate in life. Abs, stretching, and flexibility. Seriously- I usually leave my exercise classes before we start these horrible activities. 
At one point Liz told everyone to go into the Method split. And everyone did the splits. 
Like who does that? I can't even straighten out my legs. Silly hammies. 
Of course the Dailey Method studio is located right next to Lululemon. So naturally I treated myself to a few new treats for completing my first class.