Sunday, November 11, 2012

Em the Socialite

My day was pretty busy- barn, tiny try-nap (a neighbor's baby cried to whole time), rock climbing with Elizabeth, and then the plan was burrito and home. 

But I got a text that changed everything. Or at least my immediate after-climbing plans. 
Carrie, a gal who grew up on my street and now lives in Piedmont, invited me over for a BBQ. 
I really had my heart set on a burrito for dinner but it was only 4:30. My natural inclination was to decline- not because I don't like Carrie- but because in general I'm not a very social person. I prefer just to hang out by myself. 
I said- "no Emily." What reason did I have not to just stop by for a bit? I could still have my burrito later. Go be social. for gods sake.
And so I did. I hung out with Carrie and a bunch of people I didn't know, had a grand time, and picked up a burrito on the way home. 
Very proud of myself. 
And not just because of the burrito.