Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lane Bryant & Ann Taylor. Hmmmm

I received a message today from AAA. Someone had found some documents that belonged to me and had called AAA to track me down. AAA left Martin's phone number on the voicemail. I spoke with Martin and he confirmed that he had found my drivers licence, AAA card, Purdue Student ID, and Checkbook in the dumpster of the car wash he worked at. Did I want to come pick them up? 
Who doesn't want their college ID back?
So I drove to the g-h-e-t-t-o of Oakland, pulling into the kind of do-it-yourself car wash that people get shot at (with my coworker's pepper spray & knife in my back pockets). 

Don't worry. It was not a plot by the original robber to steal from me yet again. Martin gave me the goods, introduced me to his boss, and I went on my merry way (although a little shaken and sweaty). 

Funny thing. The checkbook had all of these used check stuffed in it. Like the robber had tried to write checks for goods at places like Ann Taylor Loft, Lane Bryant, Safeway but had been declined- complete with my drivers licence number, birthday, signed by Emily J Kidwell (just stuff they got of my drivers licence).