Monday, November 19, 2012

Surprise on a Monday

On Monday mornings I have a regular phone meeting with my boss at 8am. Not my preferred time necessarily..but. I'm often fond of texting at 7:55 texting saying,"need 10min" as I'm sitting in traffic. 
Not today- I was in the office at 7am sharp. 8:06 rolls around and I get an email from him. "Are we having our 8am chat?"- I email back. 
"No- I'm on a plane. I'll be in the office at 10:30." Wait? Which office? Your office in Utah or my office in California? 
My office in California. Which is great- I get some one on one time- but also makes for a long haul. 
Not to sound like a total dork but I really love my job. The fact that I can start my day at 7am and leave at 6:40pm (taking lunch at my desk mind you) and be busy all day long is so very awesome!
And. I'm buying a horse! What?