Monday, February 18, 2013

Nicole's B-Day

After Nicole's fabulous ride on Wilbur we came home to find plumbers and Paul in the house. A hasty departure to the farmers market for some fish tacos and samples. Then we visited the new house. 
We got home with a few minutes to relax until a stray dog came to the porch and we had a confusing time trying to find the owner. It ended up being one of the neighbors- but by the time it was sorted out the dog was locked in the backyard, had it's own bowl of water, I was on the phone with animal control, and Nicole was claiming it was a birthday present. 
Then we went and got manis, pedis, and did a little more shopping. Quick glass of wine on the way home. 
Zachary's Pizza and Cake for dinner!
On the way to the airport on Monday morning we had time for a quick stop at work to see the Boot Wall!
A very fun 30th Birthday weekend!