Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sacramento and Tire Pressure

Whoops. I was so distracted by my Tire Pressure Monitoring System light on the drive to Sacramento yesterday that I forgot the blog. 
So I took my car to America's Tire before my trip because my front right tire had a slow leak that I had been filling with air for far too long. 
I should have know that I was in for great service when they mistakenly took off my back tire. Somehow in the midst of all the confusion my Tire Pressure Sensor was broken, however I was assured that it had been repaired. 
It wasn't until I arrived home in Oakland that I realized the light was on. So a two hour white knuckled drive last night praying my tires wouldn't fall off. 
Then a two hour white knuckled drive back today. 
Someone is getting a refund on her tire tomorrow! This girl!