Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ready to Roll

My Mom said that I needed more Linus pictures on the blog. Too much Wilbur! How can there be too much Wilbur?
I'm packed and ready to head to Philly tomorrow for the AETA trade show that starts on Saturday. I am going to spend Thursday with my friend Kasey, prep for the meeting, and ride her horse around. 
Friday we go to the show to set up! I'm am going to lift as many boxes and wheel as many racks as I can- a much needed workout by that point. 
Monday morning I head over to Vegas where I spend the next couple of days with the Lifestyle team at Platform, another trade show. Finally home again on Wednesday. 
Whew- just when I thought I had packing down to a science I'm hit with a 7 day trip. 
Feeling pretty good- laid out all of my outfits, bought a plethora of tiny hair conditioners, and just have to organize a small purse and I'll be ready to go!