Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dirty Thirty

My favorite part about the birthday weekend was how Paul surprised me with our destination. I'd had a pretty grueling week leading up to Sunday with a return flight from Northwest Arkansas getting me into SFO after 9pm on Saturday night 
He said- pack an overnight, bring a swimsuit, we leave at 3:45 sharp, and the drive won't be more than 4 hours. Yikes- but I'm game!

We headed out- fresh Peet's coffee in hand for the drive- and I'm told that we have to stop by a bakery up on Claremont before we leave. Something was ready for us to pick up after 4. 

So we drive along and Paul seems unsure of exactly where is bakery is located. I tell him that I'll find it on my phone. No- I know it's along here somewhere. 
Finally he concedes and I pointedly note that we've driven a few blocks past it. So naturally he pulls into the only place that requires a guard to let us through the gate. The gatekeeper asks if we're checking in. I look over and say- no. we just need to turn around- at the same time Paul says- yes we're checking in. Only then does it register that we're staying at the Claremont Hotel a mere 5 minutes from our house!
We have a lovely dinner at Pican in Oakland with a couples massage at the Claremont Spa and some pool time on Monday! I definitely turned 30 in style!