Monday, May 26, 2014

West Elm Has Got My Number

Hundreds of them actually. 
Rewind back to last Thursday. With the installation of our king sized bed and the imminent arrival of a stream of parents I needed to get some linens and things to outfit the old bed. We had left our bag o' jersey sheets behind as they'd seen better days and now have literally one set of king sized sheets. 
Anyway- Thursday, Target, Lunch Hour. 
I managed to paint that second bedroom a shade of mauve that's actually a pretty dark purple in off light. What color is a neutral that goes with purple? Only my favorite color! Alas Target had no textured (or plain) grey comforters. I'd loaded the cart with a sad patterned alternative, pillows, sheets, bedskirt. 
Then I panicked. I'd say that I'm a fairly decisive person- although not, apparently, when it comes to outfitting my house in a cool, done but undone kind of way. 
I left. I abandoned cart and walked right out of the store. Seriously!

The pending crisis of ugly sheets averted, my parents were still out of luck when it came to sleeping on something other than a bare mattress. 

After a quick consult with the fancy girls at work it was decided that West Elm was the next stop. Bed Bath & Beyond was too big boxy and Bloomingdales was too spendy. 

I spent my Saturday picking out fabulous new bedding from my NEW FAVORITE store! And I was quite please by how the new bed looked with its pristine sheets, blanket, and quilt. Welcome guests!  
Despite being tres happy I was also very, very sad. Because the guest bedroom was all fancy while our new bed looked so sloppy- the duvet didn't fit, the box springs showed. Ugh- a mess. 
So I plotted, planned, and pulled together every William Sonoma (also good at West Elm) and birthday giftcard and went back today to outfit our bed. 
Now we have a lovely blue blanket, white quilt, and textured duvet- with pop of color sham to boot!
And after scrubbing the fireplace with a wire brush for most of Sunday I was damn well going to fill it with cute things!
Still on the hunt for the perfect guest nightstands and lamps to help round out the look!  Plus new nightstands and lamps for our room. Oh- and a headboard(s). And perfect dresser/ armoire thingy. I am going to stop typing now before Paul has a conniption. But I am very pleased to outfit our bed with new things- the room looks brighter and i think it sets the tone as we continue to shop around!