Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ladies Activity Club

Last night I attended the Ladies Activity Club in San Francisco. 
I considered the evening a huge coup for me and here's why. I have been reading Jaimee Rose's Blog for years, ever since I worked for the Arizona Republic. She is super stylish, always in the know about fun things to do in Phoenix, and throws a great party (check out her post from two days ago). She had a guest blogger recently, Emily of Emily Style. After checking out Emily's blog I signed up to attend the 4th Anniversary of the Ladies Activity Club which Emily started here in San Francisco. Bingo! What a perfect way to meet fun, stylish, "in the know ladies" who live in the area- and Emily can also throw a great party! 
Despite the blustery weather (and tsunami advisory for the Bay Area), we all cozied up in Emily's apartment and had cocktails, appetizers, and great conversation. The activity for the evening involved making fabric flowers for headbands, belts, and bracelets. 
Everyone else made very cute things. I tried but I'm not very crafty. 
Actually, I brought them home and Linus mistook them as cat toys....

We ended the evening with Jasmine and Rose Petal ice cream- it tasted exactly like the flowers smell. Weird but delicious!
Also- I was offered a job!