Monday, September 28, 2009

Rice Concoction

I went and saw Julie & Julia today. I reacted, as I imagine most people would, with a burning desire to run out, get a cookbook, and make Beef Bourguignon. 
I wish I was a Top Chef, and I do have a handful of faithful recipes that earn me enough praise that I continue to cook them, however with all the fresh produce available, I don't put my skills to the test as much as I should. 
You see, I have survived on a simple rotation of salad, soup, cereal, and turkey sandwiches for my years spent living alone, and I like it. 
I have recently added an additional dish to my repertoire, Rice Concoction. It's a meal that Paul made for himself almost every night in West Lafayette, and basically involves a pot of rice and frozen vegetables. I would feel bad subjecting him to a bag of salad and some soup of out a can every evening, so four or so nights a week I find myself stirring rice and heating veggies in the microwave. Just as Julia made a science out of mayonnaise, I have made one out of rice. Perhaps one of these days I will share my secrets of rice cookery. 

A side note:
I was outside doing laundry today
and I saw a cat in the yard. I thought, "That cat looks a lot like Linus."
It was. Sneak.