Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lions and Snakes and Ticks- Oh My!

We tried to go hiking about a month ago and met a disturbing sign at the trailhead. 

That particular trip was aborted, and Paul spent the better part of the afternoon researching Mountain Lion attacks. It turns out, six people have been murdered by Mountain Lions in the past 100 years. He said I had a better chance of being bitten by a Rattlesnake. 
The truth is, I enjoy hiking. But the knowledge that I would have to face my fear of being eaten and head up that trail made my palms sweat. Today I ripped the Band Aid off. 
Heavily armed of course. 
Mountain Lions typically attack from the rear and I found my peripheral vision playing tricks on me. It is amazing how dehydration and sun exposure can turn a harmless shrub into a slinking panther. 

We did make it to the summit and the views were well worth the trauma (drama?). 

It turns out that I may have overreacted slightly. We saw many carefree hikers, bikers, and runners- and not a single one carried a weapon outside of a water bottle. One guy was even wearing headphones. If the motto of the trail is "Be Aware" and this guy is wearing headphones, well, I don't have to say it.....
Be Aware!