Friday, October 23, 2009

I vant to suck your blood

Before I become too entrenched in the exciting activities planned for this weekend, I must digress to last Friday. The Vampire Tour of San Francisco. 

The tour itself was terribly boring, a two hour long snooze-fest that involved more sitting than walking and more scripted dialogue than thrilling stories. That being said- we had a BLAST! Fueled by Happy Hour at work, Coors Lite in brown paper bags, and FANGS (purchased for us by the ever saintly Paul), we managed to stick it out long enough to learn that there are no vampires in San Francisco. 
Vampress Mina- no fangs
look at those toothy grins
and we weren't the only ones....
By the end of the night- we had a half dozen converts. So much for Mina, we're the real vampires in town!