Thursday, October 22, 2009

You want what?

I doubt I will ever write very much about my job, firstly because I think that it's unprofessional, and secondly because it can be rather dull. But I have a feeling every once in awhile I'll get a tasty snack that might be worth sharing. Perhaps today is one of those days.
I work for a Commercial Real Estate dotcom. A small part of my new job involves contacting clients who have requested more information about placing a Want Ad on our site. Typically I see "Investors Wanted" or "Capital Needed" in the comments line. 

I opened my first request this morning and saw, "Wanted: Himalayan kitty, female, point coloration preferred."

I sent this client an email letting her know the details of the site and the pricing information. And deleted the contact assuming that once she realized that this was not her ideal market, she'd make some better listing decisions. 

Was I surprised to see she responded to my email with a "where do I get the order form?" Yes. 
Was I confused as to why after reading my email this woman still wanted to try to find a cat through a real estate website? Yes. 
Did I make the sale? No. I advised her to save her $300 and go to Craigslist.