Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shape v. Shop?

I was so proud of myself. I walked the 1/2 mi to the San Francisco chapter of my gym after work today to try the belly dancing class. Found the locker room, but could not find my sports bra in my backpack. Rats. Went home and decided a quell my workout woes with a little retail therapy. Plus, JCrew's fall sale started today.
Reasons I love JCrew:
- Nice fabrics and good fit
- Great sales (especially good deals on pants)
- Classic items with fun embellishments (i.e. flowers & bows)

Got two pairs of Boyfriend Chinos- good tip N!

Bolstered by "shopping adrenaline" I came home and ran 3 miles. Perhaps there is a correlation between my lack of shopping and my ability the actually make it to the gym? I say, "shop away!" and pretty soon I'll be in the best shape of my life!