Friday, December 4, 2009

Indy Girls

My friend sent me an email this morning. It said, "Tonight would be a good night for Datsa (Pizza)if you were here....."

When friends asked if I would be back to visit I responsed "of course not- what's in Indianapolis." I was excited about the move, the new experiences. Anna's email made me think a bit. What's in Indianapolis?
Good friends.

A friend whom I met on my first day of work. We became partners in crime. The crime of shopping. She spent hours with me the week before the move helping me sort out what to discard, what to keep, and packing my perfume in layers and layers of tissue paper. I had the key to her pool for two years. My friend is always there to talk and listen.

A friend who sweated through Bootcamp with me. Who invited Linus over for a cat playdate. She invited me to her intimate and beautiful wedding so I could share that memory with her. My friend is someone whose advice I will always ask.

A friend who I saw every single day at the gym. Who wins the Eddy's ice cream social award every year and invited me to her party. She's a dietician- so if she eats ice cream, it must be healthy. I spent Halloween as a Deviled Egg, she was an Pocahontas (I think). My friend is one of the nicest people I've ever met.

There are so many friends in Indianapolis that made my time there so much fun!

I wish I had taken more pictures! I miss you girls! Start looking at your calendars- I'm coming to Indy!