Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some things even Paul can't fix

I think that Paul is a good choice in future husband because he knows how to do stuff. Most everything actually. 
He can braid. 

He can sew.

I was at the gym, strutting my stuff on an elliptical, and noticed a hole in my pants. Naked thigh! It was borderline immodest. What's the big deal? Just toss them......
No way. These Nike, 90% cotton/10% spandex, $15 on clearance at Marshall pants are the last I have of the 3 pairs I originally purchased. I love them. They have doubled as leggings tucked into boots, riding pants zipped into chaps, lounge pants on the couch, and gym pants. Lots of trips to the gym pants. 
I'm not angry that they tore (in places far worse than the thigh) because they outlived their cost by quite a stretch. I'm just sad. Sad that I have to hunt down a new favorite pair of all-purpose pant. Maybe a visit to Lululemon will do the trick.