Thursday, February 4, 2010

Picture Day

I spent quite a long time this evening trying to comb my hair. I am not blessed with fine, straight hair. Quite the opposite. I've even heard it described as bushy (not to my face). The longer it grows, the more traumatizing shower time becomes. I'm using hair conditioner so fast, I need to keep at least three bottles on hand. 
Anyway, so there I was, wondering if I should just grab a pair of scissors and be done with it, when I had a flashback. 

Remember those souvenir combs that you were given on picture day at school? I was sitting in art class, and started innocently combing my hair. Then I collected a large chunk of my long hair, and started wrapping it around the comb, right up to the top of my head. 
How was I supposed to know that it would get stuck?
I had to go to nurse's office. She tried fruitlessly to cut the individual teeth off the comb with scissors. Eventually the big guns were called in. My mom. Who called her hair stylist. Who advised purchasing a big bottle of hair conditioner. And so the comb came out, the knot untangled. And that was that. 

Luckily I had already had my picture taken.