Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Report Card: Doesn't play well with others

I told Paul that I wasn't sure if I wanted to play tennis with him anymore. His response was that I seemed to miss a fundamental part of growing up, learning to play well with others. 

Working out with Shawn this evening was tough. I wanted to lift just. one. more. time. But I couldn't. My arms were so fatigued that I couldn't move the weight. And I got frustrated. Why couldn't I just do it once more? 
Then I realized, I play fine with others, just not with myself. 
And that's not a bad thing. 
I had a solo in the ice show, was a starter on the Middle School volleyball team, played in the all-star softball game (and made the winning catch), captained the HS Swim team, and was MVP of the tennis team. 
I have not been successful by being complacent, but by pushing myself at every opportunity. However, it's that competitive nature that makes it difficult for me to play one of my sports for "fun." There is still the drive to be the best! There is still frustration when I miss a shot. Even if it is just backyard tennis with Paul.