Friday, April 2, 2010

So Much Shopping, So Little Time

I went to the gym after horseback riding this morning. Correction, I went to the mall where my gym is located. 
I thought I'd pop into Anthropologie really quickly before the treadmill. I never made it to the gym. But I did get this super cute dress!
I must have caught the shopping bug from the trip that Paul and I made last night to Bay Street Mall. 
He had a giftcard to the Gap so we stopped there first. He didn't find anything but I spotted some navy workout pants and this fabulous athletic top. 

What? A girl can never have too many workout clothes. 
Actually the purpose of the trip was to find a romper (the salesgirl pronounced it "rumper") at Old Navy. Nicole called earlier this week and told me that I would never survive the Spring if I didn't go out and get one in every color.
I got this grey one on super clearance......and I'm wearing my purple romper right now!