Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lost Wallet=Lost Marbles?

Losing my wallet may be a result of losing my mind. 
I got home from the barn last night and panicked when my cell phone was nowhere to be found. Paul walked complacently behind me as I scurried from my book bag, to the car- ear trained for a distant vibration. It had taken up a cozy residence amongst my saddle pads in the back seat. 

I ran into a bit of the trickle down effect from a missing wallet when J Crew called and said that my credit card declined (due to the fact that it was cancelled- obviously). And they could not hold the wedding dress. I borrowed a credit card from my sugar daddy with promises to put a check in the bank for him tomorrow. Where's my checkbook? I have no idea. Probably in the house somewhere considering no one has been bilking money from my bank account. 

What's next? I imagine it'll probably be the engagement ring (I'm trying to reverse psychologize myself). I bought a beautiful ring from a store in Arizona and lost it. In my computer bag. Exactly. 

And after reading this post I've realized that I'm asking myself.

Nothing a few episodes of The Hills can't fix.