Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rose Hill Stables

Rose Hill Stable moved to a new barn. We had been boarding and riding at Graceland Equestrian Center, owned by Chuck and Peg. Hilary was the Hunter/Jumper trainer in residence, along with James the Eventing trainer. It became obvious that Chuck and Peg were investing more money in building a cross country course than keeping up the indoor and outdoor arenas. Also, our barn was NEVER included in the Graceland monthly newsletter. So the Hertz (parents of two little girls that ride with Hilary) decided to buy a barn for Rose Hill to call home. If your window is down while heading up the driveway, you catch whiffs of Jasime from the bushes growing along the dirt road.

It's a barn with good potential, solid bones. We have temporary stalls set up while the existing barn is cleaned and the second barn is built. It feels like I'm at a horse show!
There's a wonderful rectangle (instead of round) outdoor area, and (gasp) a fully covered indoor arena. The indoor at the old barn was only partially covered- so every time it rained our footing would get so bad we'd be reduced to a tiny square of space to work.
I was out riding tonight in that perfect weather, just warm enough to be perfectly content in breeches, boots, and a tank top. Calm breeze, setting sun, bliss.