Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to the Grind

We have been doing loads of the dreaded "flat work" (no jumping) while the footing in the two arenas is being replaced. The flat has actually helped secure my leg and seat quite a bit, and we've been playing a lot of Simon Says with Glare (who loves to jump and hates everything else). Simon says a nice way. Simon says trot....please. Simon says trot....with a smack to the rump. 
The indoor was firm enough to start doing some real jumping on Saturday and Hilary did not hesitate to set a solid looking 3ft course. My heart was beating a mile a minute pretty much the entire time. I imagine it to be the same feeling one might have jumping out of an airplane. The strong desire to decline, but since you're in the airplane, you might as well just jump.  
 Good morning Glare!
Playing with a bucket.