Monday, August 2, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair

Last year Nicole surprised me with a fab tote that she got at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. 
This Fair travels around the country and I had the San Francisco date marked in my calendar. 
I made plans to go with JM and Noel on Sunday afternoon. Paul suggested that I just drive over to save time, which sounded like a brilliant idea UNTIL I found myself inching slowly up the ginormous hill on California St. 
I arrived to see JM's new apt severely shaken and very sweaty. After some frozen yogurt, we scooped up Noel and headed to the Fair. 
And what fun we had! 

There may have been a glass of wine involved. 
We each found some treasures, then headed back to Noel's nautical themed apartment. Nautical in a cute, eclectic way, not in an "anchor on every pillow" sort of way. 
The only sad part of the day was having to leave! JM was going to hang out at Noel's place for a bit, and it reminded me to senior year at Purdue when I used to walk the half block over to Nicole's and watch Desperate Housewives on Sunday evenings.