Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday October 13th

The Road to Hana. It's only 50 miles, but you plan for a three hour drive. Not including stops. There are 54 (one lane) bridges and 600 hairpin turns. Paul drove. We started our journey in the little town of Paia, the last place to get gas and lunch. We picked up some fresh fish at the Paia Fish Market for dinner. Our first stop was Hookipa Beach Park, the Windsurfing Mecca. 

 A hike to the Twin Falls. The falls were not accessible without getting feet wet so we decided to observe from afar. 
Kaumahina State Park was another quick hike with great views and big trees!
 Finally some sign of life. But still only Halfway. Our guidebook said to pick up some Banana Bread (wise) and we stopped for a Shaved Ice- the national dessert (I made that up). Easily the best Shaved Ice in Hawaii. My flavors- Pineapple, Mango, Guava!

 Aloha Cottages run by the most adorable Mrs. Nakamura with an Ocean View! 

Hana Bay