Thursday, January 13, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

Paul and I are gearing up to eat tacos and watch Despicable Me. It was either that or Jersey Shore. Neither of us have ever seen an episode of Jersey Shore but we've heard it's good. I don't know if I need to get dragged into watching trashy tv programs. I've already been sucked into the new season of The Bachelor. 

I rode at the New Barn tonight. Yes- new barn. My biggest concern with the new job was getting to my riding during the week. And it ended up being a huge issue, and hour and a half sitting in traffic issue. Getting home at 10pm issue. 
New barn is only 8 miles from my office, and a short 27 miles from home. I got back tonight at 7:45. Because I can ride at 6. AND, don't freak out, but they have grooms who tack up your horse for you. So I just hop on and go. Hop and go. 

There's a clinic on Saturday. I'm not riding in it because Ben and I are not quite there yet, but I'm going to watch, meet all the new barn friends, and take tons of photos. I can't wait to share. 
Ben and his owner, Rebecca.