Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Do It All Short

When Nicole says "jump," I usually say "how high?" 
I much prefer when Nicole says "Buy this item of clothing." And such was the case with the Do It All Lululemon Short.

I don't usually do activities in shorts. I think a good activity short is hard to find. 

[cue the peanut gallery] But Emily- Why? Your legs are fabulous!

So true tiny peanuts. So true. 

Yet with any shorts- there can be an uncomfortable phenomenon that pounces just when the activity is getting good. 
Chub Rub. 

Yes! Yes! I said it! We know that it's true! 
I won't go into detail but needless to say, these Do It All Shorts are just long enough to prevent the rub from the chub. 
And if you get these shorts your abs will probably look like that.