Thursday, September 29, 2011


Best of possible scenarios. Spring is staying is staying in the barn and the owners have given the ok for her to be used in lessons. 
Good for me. I now have a lesson horse to ride once a week and I can hack on off days. 
Bad for me. I will either become a cowgirl or will end up broken and battered by the end of winter. 
Doesn't she look nice? 
I had the pleasure of experiencing Spring's buck tonight. It was actually fairly aggressive. The best way to describe the buck would be like riding a series of waves. Perhaps on a surfboard because there's nothing to hold on to. Except instead of falling into water, the option is good, solid ground. 
A buck tonight was good for two reasons. One- now I know what everyone has been talking about. Two- she knows that she wasn't able to throw me off. Whether she learned that lesson only remains to be seen. 
I will be asking for a pair of fringed chaps for Christmas. And I can only dull the pain so much with wine. Paul, will you please come home and pop my hip back into place? I am too old for this stuff.