Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lighthouse Inn & Suites

We arrived at the Lighthouse Inn & Suites in early evening on Saturday, just in time for the Wine and Cheese reception. We stayed in Pacific Grove, just South of Monterey and right on the coast!
I loved loved loved our room! A little living room with a fireplace! A bathtub with jets! A really cheap mini-bar (like a bottle of wine for $11- what?)....
A short story about that mini bar. It was locked. Which I only discovered after heartily enjoying some wine at the reception, gobbling some chocolate martinis at the Fishwife, and shocking the locals at the liquor store by pulling up in a taxi van. Because I guess they've never seen a taxi van or something. So poor, teen-employee George is forced to scrabble around the kitchen to find this girl a bottle of wine. 
Oh man.