Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Soup Nazi Says No to Chicken Soup

Paul decided on Monday that we should be vegetarians. I have no idea why. We don't eat tons of meat as it is. 
Just one of his weird ideas. Like the time he decreed that we would only speak Spanish at home. He spent the night on Google translator shouting gibberish at me while I ignored him. Spanish didn't quite take. 
And I have a feeling this new plan won't either. 
Paul called tonight and asked if I wanted Pho from our favorite local Vietnamese place. Yum right? 
He suggested we split a big bowl of the seafood soup. I should clarify that seafood is part of the vegetarian diet. 
I said that I didn't like that type of soup and I wanted my usual chicken soup. He said- no-can't- we're vegetarians now. Seriously? It's chicken soup.  So we're going back and forth. Please let me have my chicken soup. 
Then I remember that I had a salad for lunch. And in an effort to get more protein I added chicken. Healthy- go me. Didn't even give it a second thought. 
When I relayed this information to Paul- he was appalled. Then I asked again if I could have chicken soup since I had already consumed chicken this day. 
He said that when you fall off a bicycle you can't just stay fallen off- you have to get right back on. 
I made veggie stir-fry but I'm a little salty about it.