Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fast not Feast

Fast not Feast is my new mantra. Paul, the wonderful husband, surprised me with some personal training sessions at Ironworks! Yippee! I had my first one last night with drill sergeant Mary. It was so fun to focus on strength training again but I am feeling a bit sore today!
Mary suggested an eating program that many of her clients have found success doing. A 16 hour fast. Ewwww. 
But I started on Monday and it hasn't been so bad. Stop eating at 8pm (9 in my case- since we don't get home until 8)- then fast for 16 hours, or 1pm the next day. Then have a small lunch with lots of protein, one other small meal, and finally a big dinner with veggies and protein. Veggies, protein, fruit. Not exactly rocket science. 
I'm doing the 14-15 hour fast right now since I get terribly hungry. I feel like I imagine someone going through drug withdrawl might. Like I was all anxious going to Whole Foods, my palms were sweaty, and I only felt better once I had my salad in hand.