Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Friday & Saturday Routine

I was so busy on Friday and Saturday that there wasn't much time for photos. Up at 5:30, quick stop at the local gas station for coffees, then on to the barn. Feeding, unwrapping bandages, rewrapping bandages, organizing tack. A quick breakfast at the VIP tent. Set jumps for Courtney. Cheer for Courtney. Set jumps for Nancy. Cheer for Nancy. Quick lunch. Ride horses. Help with trial rides. Bandage horses for next day. Feed. Clean tack. Back to the trailer at 5:30 for showers and Coronas. Leftover pizza and Gossip Girl. Back to the barn at 8 to medicate. Asleep by 9ish. The same wonderful routine both days! I couldn't have asked for a better vacation!
Good Morning Florida
The blue & white tent in the background was our home base
The track
From the Grand Prix ring

After a jog