Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

I joined Weight Watchers last Monday with my coworker. I had gone just to take a look and see what it was all about. The next thing I know I'm a monthly member and walking out the door with the Deluxe Kit. Need my accessories!
We went to the meeting the next day even though I wasn't planning to start until I got back from Florida. Camper living and WW do not go together. 
The leader of the meeting was a fill-in for the regular leader and Suze and I met with her quickly before the meeting. I explained that I was going on vacation and wasn't ready to start. She quickly grabbed the WW pedometer and suggested that I take it with me to make sure I was staying active enough. I asked if I could also strap it to the leg of a horse. Sue giggled and the leader made a quick exit. 
We weighed in. Sigh. 184.8. 
The exact problem is that I eat the same amount as Paul. Sometimes more. I bet if we x-rayed my abdomen we'd discover that I have two stomachs. One simply as a reserve for that extra piece of pie or second helping of potatoes.
I can be quite disciplined if I'm by myself. When I lived in Arizona Paul tucked a bag of those yummy Lindor Truffles in my stocking. Those stupid things sat in my cupboard untouched for a year. Not even opened! A piece of salmon on Sunday night was my "treat" dinner. 
But for some reason whenever I see Paul all I can think about is butter. Eating lots of crescent roles with butter. I have no idea why but all that self control is just drowned in a sea of gravy. 
I know my body pretty well. It likes to sit at around 160. So clearly something is not going well. Since I am unable to control portions on my own, I'm hopeful that having a set budget of points every day will help me stay on track. 

Well guess what? We weighed in at our second meeting today (keeping in mind that I started tracking on Monday) and I'm down three pounds! Which I think is an anomaly. But hey, we have to take what we can get around here. 
With the regular leader back the meeting was much more fun and interactive. I've found that the online tracking tools are very easy to use and work seamlessly with my iphone app. I even have a barcode scanner on my phone that will quickly tell me how many points are in that food item. 

The one thing that I am struggling with. What to actually eat. Because I'm trying to get back on West Coast time and a little dazed I stocked up on some frozen meals (Eating Right Brand) to make things quick and easy. Sure enough I can scan the barcode and add it quickly to my tracker. 
But really? I don't like eating tons of processed foods. Anything I buy typically comes from TJ and WW doesn't have their brands in the system yet. Which is fine- WW has a point calculator which easily attaches points to all foods. So my goal is to wean myself off the frozen meals by next Wednesday and get cooking!
My weight today: 181.8