Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I pulled into the showgrounds on Thursday morning in my snappy silver convertible- top down of course. 
Erin zipped by on her dirt bike calling out- "I have two horses for you to ride. Get suited up." Sweating slightly in the Florida sun, I tug hopelessly at the new boots. "But you zipped at home," I cried! 
Snap. One of the zippers pops off it's track. Undaunted I get the other boot most of the way up then trundle over to the barn where I jimmy up the second with a roll of black vetwrap (same concept as an ace bandage, but thinner and more stretchy). 
I jump on Q and we wander down to the schooling ring, start trotting, and he pulls a shoe. Excellent way to start the weekend. Back up to the barn where I climb on Pal. Erin tells me that Pal is a bit spooky but he should be fine. And indeed he is. Except when I try to downward transition from a canter to a trot. He throws up his head and speeds up. He finally settles down, we successfully maneuver a few jumps, and consider it a victory. 
Erin schools a few horses and I set jumps for her, then head over to the vendor shopping area to see what I can't do about finding some cheap alternative to wrapping my field boots. I do not consider the $150 options they had available cheap. 
I find Erin and Courtney back at the barn wrapping up for the day. Somehow time has flown and it's 4:30. I help out where I can and we get Mojito in the trailer for a trip back to the farm. 
Courtney and Erin both have their campers on Nancy's (Erin's client) farm just a few miles from the show grounds. We unload the horse, get cleaned up, and head to dinner at a local Italian place. Yum pizza! 
Back to the barn at 8 to medicate and hay the horses. Finally home. I had no problem falling asleep!

 Yes. That is a small fountain.