Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

Well shoot. Only down .2lb this week. And possibly only because I took my sweater off before weighing in. 
Not a pleasant feeling. What happened? I looked back through my tracker and reflected. 
I am very good at substituting exercise for healthy eating. I worked out like an animal this past week. For example- on Saturday I went riding then met up with my climbing friends in Concord for the rest of the day. Of course all that activity gave me license for that extra beer when we met up with Paul for dinner. Or not. 
And that was a common theme that I noticed while looking through the tracker this past week. I was way slightly over my points each evening because I wanted that third second glass of wine. What can I say. Stressful week. The addition of the ever-addicitive, endless supply Cadbury Cream Eggs probably didn't help. 

So what do we need to do? Avoid weeknight drinks. Water is the best choice. Make sure that I'm accurately weighing and measuring portion sizes. That third bowl of Tortilla Soup was not necessary. Portion. Portion. Portion. Power Foods! 
Fruits for dessert. Yum.
Outside of the Weight Watchers meeting today. In my pink Cafe Capris. And Toms Ballet Flats (V-day gift from Paul). 
My current weight is 172.8