Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I stopped by the Benefit Brow Bar at lunch today to have a quick wax and clean these caterpillars up. 
With a service and the purchase of two products I got a free gift! My lucky day! Just a few weeks ago I broke the top to my benetint bottle and had to toss. Probably best since it's like decades old. What is benetint? Only the very best cheek and lip stain. And it smells like roses. Seriously. 
But more than just its fabulosity- benetint holds a bit of nostalgia. I visited Nicole years ago in Chicago. I forget now whether on this visit I had hailed from Arizona or Indy. Now...we have a little ritual. Whoever is hosting the visit gets to show all of the fun new treats they've acquired since the prior visit. 
Back to the visit. I remember this particular treat very vividly. Nicole pulled out her benetint. Ohhhh. What does it do? She carefully explained that benetint had to be applied as three cat whiskers to the apple of your cheek then vigorously rubbed in. We carried that tiny bottle around with us for the entire weekend laughing while we tinted our lips and rosied our cheeks. 
And not too shabby for a free gift (although not exactly free now was it...shhhhhh)