Thursday, April 12, 2012

Purple Pants

I was pacing the kitchen (slash living room) holding a glass of wine and trying to decide what to blog about. I mean- my life is so exciting. Perhaps I should document the episode of Smash I watched while on the elliptical. Epic. 
And then there was and earthquake. That "shook" things up for a moment. 

Oops. There's another one. Seriously. This is real time. 
The dog a few doors down barks every time there's a quake. 

Anyhow. I bought a pair of purple pants on Wednesday. I'm going to tell Paul they were $5, but between us they were actually $30. 
This losing weight thing is great. I wore a skirt this week and Paul asked if it was new. It isn't but I haven't been able to fit into it yet. 

I got the pants at (no offense) a total MOM store. Now- not any mom that I know could wear this stuff even for a second. Perhaps we'll call it a "Grandma who lives in Florida" store. 
But I had a few minutes to kill so I said what the heck. 
Wandered to the sale rack (you know me so well) and there they were. 100% cotton. Made in America. Elastic waist. Taper leg. Size large. Purple Pants. 
I heart them. They make me feel skinny.