Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday

Today I've been on the WW program for 10 weeks. Just shy of three months. And I totally get why WW participants go out and splurge right after their weigh in. I used to think how silly it was to run out and stuff ones self. Shouldn't there be some motivation after a successful visit?
Now it makes totally sense. That brief hour after my Wednesday noon meeting is the only time I'm not fully 100% aware of what I'm eating. And by aware, I mean being conscious that every single morsel has a point value. 
Good God do I need that meal. At least I know I have the entire week to work it off. 
And let's not have our imaginations run wild- I had a burrito. 
This week I lost 1.8lb. That's down 16.6 since I started the program. My current weight is 168.2.